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Simplifying from the Inside Out

MARCH 28 - APRIL 25, 2021

Easy and fun ways to find peace of mind and gain precious time

Often we accept clutter, overwhelm and stress in daily life. Or we feel shame or frustration that we can't "just get it together." This is exactly what this month-long workshop addresses! Kristy Lund has a PhD focusing on Balancing Everyday Life, but had always struggled with clutter. Lena Victoria is a life coach specializing in helping people work through overwhelm and clutter in order to focus on what's most precious in life. From their transformational work together, this workshop was born. Join us in a wonderful, supportive community to learn easy tips and tricks, set personal goals and have FUN while you work through while you take steps toward creating the beautiful, spacious life you desire. Together with a great community, you will beinspired on this Simplifying journey to free upvaluable time, energy, and space.
Decluttering has never been easier or morefun!

We invite you to join us in Simplifying from the Inside Out !

  • You will learn easy tricks to get you started on simplifying, organizing and decluttering

  • You will connect with what has meaning and joy for you, and be empowered to start letting let go of energy thieves

  • Gain inspiration and tips for a simplified and enriched lifestyle


Examples of personal goals

  • Decluttering the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or closet

  • Learning to manage papers and e-clutter 

  • Create more space and time for people and things you love


You don't need to do it alone!

  • Fun, supportive community

  • Private online group to share, learn, and maintain motiviation

  • Sharing your goals with others and having accountability are research-backed approaches to making change!

  • Support from your life coach leaders, Kristy and Lena

Program Structure

​Three Zoom workshops will guide and support you along your simplification  journey. These will be recorded, so if you miss one you can watch later. Dates and times:

  • Kick-off workshop: Sunday, March 28 (9-11am Pacific / 6-8pm CET)

  • Mid-program workshop: Sunday, April 11 (9-11am Pacific / 6-8pm CET)

  • Concluding workshop: Sunday, April 25 (9-11am Pacific / 6-8pm CET)

Throughout the month you will identify and tackle problem areas in your home or life. 

  • Week 1: Get your feet wet: motivation, accountability and easy structures

  • Week 2 - 3: Deep dive: addressing problem areas, avoiding common decluttering mistakes, personalizing the learning and staying motivated.

  • Week 4: Staying clutter-free - using your new habits to infinity and beyond!

Workshop price: $149

​​Reach out if you have questions!

Click here to join us!

Meet Your Simplification Group Leaders


Kristy Lund

Creativity and Life Coach

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What's most important in my life is to

Inspire, Create, and Activate!


Lena Victoria

Simplifying and Life Coach

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Energy, Freedom, and Compassion are what guide my life and my work.

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