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About me

Painting is my happy place. It's somewhere where I can lose myself, process what's on my heart or mind, and have fun. I paint abstracts and landscapes and I'm inspired by emotions, nature, and love.

“An artist makes you realise with intensity … something which you actually did not perceive before.”

-T.E. Hulme

Orginally from California, I have lived in Sweden for nearly a decade. I currently work as a self-employed artist and life coach. Working with people from all over the world, my passion is to support clients to break through self-imposed limitations and connect with the beauty, meaning and purpose in life. So many of my clients have dreams of making the world a better place, but often think, who am I to do that? My coaching purpose is to connect people with the tools to live their true, authentic life and share their unique gifts with the world. I also believe every-day miracles and synchronicities are all around us, we just need to start noticing.



  • Artist

  • Public speaker

  • Publications in newpapers, magazines & academic journals

  • PhD focusing on balance in daily life and making lifestyle changes

  • Co-active coach diploma from world-leading Co-Active Training Institute

  • Registered occupational therapist (OTR) since 1997

  • 7 years working in health care

  • 6 years working at Autodesk, a Bay Area software company

  • A decade in academia including teaching and research 

Artist CV

2009 June-Aug: “Hope and Optimism” Juried group show, Pelican Art Gallery, Petaluma, California
2019 November: “Celebration of Creativity” Group show, Mail Depot, Petaluma, California
2020/2021 May-Dec: “Story of an Artist” independent solo art show at Hälsans Hus, Lund, Sweden
2021 October: Created new art project "100 Days Painting Outside" 
2021 December: One of 24 artists highlighted by for their Artvent event

2022 March-April: “Journey through Skåne” solo art show at Galleri1, Tomelilla, Sweden
2022 April: “100 Days of Painting Outside” Easter open studios, Galleri1, Tomelilla, Sweden
2022 April-May: Group show Återbruket, Malmö, Sweden

2022 April-June: “Faces” Art Shack, Örum (Österlen), Sweden

2022 Sept-Oct: Skördetid på Österlen, Galleri1, Tomelilla, Sweden

Royal Garden.jpg

Super grateful to those who are supporting my 100 Days Painting Outside!

Nicola Erni
David Örbring
Sigrid Stjernswärd
Anonymous (2)
Suzanne Johansson
Sally Smith
Beth McCay
Sarah and Matt Delorenzo
Brittany Bruce
Sarah Walchuk
Shelley Reid
Tanya Grasser
MaryBeth Shewan
Maria Ulander


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