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 “During the period of full lockdown, I was invited to one of Kristy’s online painting classes. I had never held a paint brush in my life and have never seen myself as a “creative” person. Or to be more specific, I have always said I was NOT creative at all! Adding that first brush of paint to the white canvas was quite a step outside of my comfort zone! Kristy was great at making space for any such concerns and walked us through the painting process in a natural and gentle way. Now, a few months later, painting has an important place in my life. I have discovered how channeling creativity through my hands opens up creativity in my mind. A freeing and wonderful process. Starting a painting without knowing how it will end up looking once ready, has also increased my openness to step into the unknown in daily life. Painting helps me process my emotions; I relax and feel more grounded afterwards. 
   I highly recommend taking one of Kristy’s classes, especially if you label yourself as "not creative" or “not artistic" or you "can’t draw" or you name it... Thank you, Kristy, for sharing your gift in such a generous and wholehearted way!”

- Alessandra, Italy

 "I hired Kristy as a Creativity Coach to help me find my artistic voice, my watercolor voice.   Not only did she do that, she also Inspired me to expand beyond and beneath my “voice.” Plus, it was truly a creative pleasure to work with her.  We had fun along with insights.  And I am now freer as an artist and who knows, perhaps as a person!

- Andrea Sigetich, Oregon, USA

President, SageCoach

Certification Program Leader, CTI

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“The journey of a million miles starts with one step.” -  Laozi, Tao Te Ching

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