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Sat, Sep 05
Kristy Lund, OTR, PhD Candidate
Painting - Intro and Opening
Introduction to Kristy's unique method of starting 3 paintings!

I offer in-person and online courses, as well as half-day and full-day workshops. 




You are invited on a journey of mindful reflection and creative exploration
About the Program
We have designed an experience to inspire you to bring out your inner child and explore gratitude, abundance, joy and more! Join people from around the globe, and your two facilitators, Kristy Lund and Lynne Bernstein, for a week of thought provoking prompts and engaging activities, book ended by two online workshops. This program is designed for you to cultivate peace and experience inner healing when you need it most. We will kick off the week with a Zoom workshop and from there you are taken on a guided journey with a private online community where you will share and engage throughout the week. At the end we will celebrate by coming back together to explore our insights and inspirations.

One of our participants said, "It completely exceeded my expectations. I never thought I could find such a lovely supportive community and share creative pieces with each other."  

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  • Do you desire more purpose and meaning in your life here in Sweden?

  • Are you at a crossroads in your career or trying to figure out what to do here?

  • Are you ready to reach the potential you know you have, but lack accountability and structure?

This coaching group will be comprised of 4-6 people who are wanting to move forward toward more meaningful connections in some area of their life, be it work or relationships. This is a unique opportunity to join an in-person group led by certified life coach Kristy Lund, an American expat with a PhD focusing on balance in daily life, who has lived in Sweden since 2010.

Each group session is thoughtfully designed to create a warm and fun atmosphere in which you’ll support each other in making progress on personally-meaningful goals.


The group will be held in English.

By the end of this coaching series you will:

  • Have made progress on meaningful life goals

  • Have a clearer idea of your own values and how they play out in your life

  • Have connected with others in a meaningful way

  • Know your next steps to creating the life you want to live

Location: Online, or in-person at Hälsans Hus in downtown Lund, Mårtenstorget 6.

Cost: 2700 kr if paid in full 1 week before the start, or 3 monthly payments of 1000 kr.

As a special bonus, each participant will also receive a free personal one hour coaching session with Kristy (a value of 1050 kr).

This cost-effective group offers the benefits of life coaching, accountability, and the opportunity to meet and learn together with others who are ready to step into a richer life here in Sweden.


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Kristy Lund


Phone: 0722-614304

“The journey of a million miles starts with one step.” -  Laozi, Tao Te Ching

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