What is "Camino"?

Thousands of people each year walk the trails along the Camino de Santiago in Europe. It is often a personal calling to get away from it all and walk in contemplation while meeting others on this path. As it is not possible to travel for most of us right now, we decided to create this unique blended experience where you can still set your own intentions, and have opportunity to “walk your Camino” wherever you find yourself in the world.

We invite you to join us to join the Create Your Own Camino workshop!

  • You will have the freedom to create a journey that fits your needs whether that's getting out to walk, hike, swim, or bike... or even define or re-frame a journey of personal transformation through a particular life event you are experiencing.

  • There is no prescribed amount or frequency of physical activity, you design what you desire. 

  • We will support you in the structure, and you will create a personally-meaningful journey that is unique to you. 

  • During this 4-week journey, Kristy and Kseniya will guide the weekly online community gatherings with exercises for reflection, fun, and connection with others around the globe who are also on this journey. 

  • We assume most people are doing this from their home, so all activities fit into daily life.  In other words, no travel or special equipment needed.

  • Each participant will have the option to receive 2 individual coaching sessions (or Akashic records reading) to support you on creating your journey, setting mindful intentions, or anything else you wish to address.

Examples of personal Caminos

  • Taking a daily walk (or swim, bike, etc.)

  • Starting the day with yoga and journaling

  • Taking weekend hikes in nature

  • Mindfully walking through a health challenge or treatment

  • Living one day at a time making healthy life choices

  • Trying different activities from a sense of fun and exploration

  • Mindfully addressing a meaningful home project

Journey Structure

​Weekly Zoom workshops will guide and support you along your journey

  • Meeting 1 - Preparing for and creating your journey

  • Meeting 2 - Connecting with your inner pilgrim

  • Meeting 3 - Listening to the wisdom of the body

  • Meeting 4 - Creating a path that honors your body, heart, and spirit

  • Meeting 5 - Creating the truest and most beautiful story imaginable

During your Camino reflections will be sent out on the following words, inspired by the Swedish pilgrim's path:

  • Simplicity

  • Slowness

  • Silence

  • Sharing

  • Freedom

  • Spirituality or Inner Self

  • Light-Heartedness

Each participant will have the option to receive an individual coaching session (or Akashic records reading) to support you on creating your journey, setting mindful intentions, or anything else you wish to address.






$250 - Camino experience (no 1:1 coaching)
$350 - Camino with 2 coaching sessions and/or Akashic records readings



​​Reach out if you have questions! All are welcome!

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MAY 09 - JUNE 06, 2021

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Meet Your Virtual Camino Guides


Kristy Lund

Artist and Life Coach

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What's most important to me in life is to Create and Inspire.

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Kseniya Soroka

Co-Active Adventure Coach

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Energy, Light, and Adventure are what guide me and my work.