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Day 3: Lund - Freedom

October 28, 2021

Do you feel like you don't have time to do the creative projects you want? Me too!! Today was a day when I had so much to read and prepare for teaching, plus regular life things like food prep, etc. that needed to get done. But something had gotten started in me those two days of painting outside in Österlen. Back in Lund, I looked out at the sunny day, and thought, I need to get to the sunflowers before they wilt! So, with help from my partner, I packed up my painting things and headed out to the sunflowers.

It felt so good being out in the sunshine, the wind blowing the sunflowers gently. There was a freedom of being outside when I knew there were other things I *should* be doing. What was fun was capturing the spirit of the day - I wrote FREEDOM on the canvas in blue, and then added white strokes to create the sky. Just like when I was in Österlen, I worked quickly, feeling like I need to capture what was "happening" in front of me before the sun set. I felt inspired to do a quick Facebook live and video on Instagram. As the sun started to set, I worked on a second painting of a sunset that I had started in Österlen. The air turned much cooler, and I admired the glowing horizon as the land I was standing on turned darker. I packed up my things, feeling that something special had happened - I had captured the day.

I had also “captured” something else- branches in the wet paint had “abstracted” my painting bit. I realized this when I got home. 😂

Later, people would reach out to tell me that I had inspired them. One friend said she usually gardens but had not had the energy lately. Seeing my video on Instagram, she decided to go outside and put her hands in the earth. This made me so happy, knowing that this random "calling" of mine is actually touching others.


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