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Day 2: Ravlunda - Movie Soundtrack

October 24, 2021

I returned the day after to the same nature reserve. There is a military training area which was closed the day before due to shooting exercises(!) But this day there were no exercises and it was open to the public. The beach is gorgeous and there are rolling hills that make you feel like you are in a Lord of the Rings film. I set up my easel again, feeling a little more confident than the day before. Still, the canvas would fly off a few times. I guess that is just part of painting outside. This was a more secluded area, so only a few people walked by. One couple stopped, and were really excited about my project. They took pictures of me with my blank canvas, and said, “What if you and your painting become famous, and we can say we saw it in the making?” I said I’m not famous, and the woman replied, “don’t limit yourself, you may be some day!”

They left to continue their walk, and I painted the ocean that was a little bluer than the day before. Some hours later, the couple returned. They complimented the painting, saying I’d captured the spirit. Then the man said that he composes music, and when he saw my painting he heard a recent song he’s composing. He asked if he could play it for me. I said yes, having no idea what kind of music it would be. He held his phone next to my painting, and played a gorgeous song that sounded like it was out of a movie. I told him that and he replied, “I compose music for movies.” Now it was time for me to say, “This is just magical!”

(His song is not yet released, but when it is, I will add a link to it here.)

(Photo credit Wen Sheng Wang)

(Photo credit Wen Sheng Wang)

It got later, and soon it was time to pack up and go home. It wasn’t until I was home and laid my paintings from day 1 and 2 next to each other that I noticed that even though they were painted separately, on different days, in different areas of the nature reserve, they almost seemed to have been planned to be a continuous painting! Here they are, still in progress, but close to done:

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Copyright Kristy Lund

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