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Day 9 - Bjärred

November 13, 2021

I so enjoyed standing on the beach, painting, and meeting people two days before, I decided to do it again. On this day 9 of 100, I started two paintings. The first started with the words "Don't Underestimate." This painting has now found its home in Hamburg, Germany.

I met quite a few people while I stood outside painting. One was Brita Backgärde (@backgarde) who is a water colorist. I would get to go to her home studio later and see her beautiful art. She took this photo of me:

Another was Kennet Olsson (@kennetolsson) who is a photographer with an interest in antique and vintage cameras. Here he is taking a picture of me while I take a picture of him, and then some photos he took:

The other painting I started had another message I felt was important for me, and perhaps for you too. "Trust."

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